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Return to the Office or Else!

Work from home benefits the employer and the employee. But society may be better off if we all show up in the office.

I Don’t Like the Fed

Federal Reserve monetary policy does not work, has not worked, and cannot work.

What Historical Inflation Clusters Tell Us

Inflation Clusters. If history is a guide, we will deal with high inflation for many more years.

Why the 60/40 is Not Dead, Will Never Die, and Why You Can't Kill It

Styles change, it is true, but investing objectives do not.

ESG vs. Smart Investing

You might recognize ESG as a marketing refresh of SRI - Socially Responsible Investing, which gained limited popularity in the 1990s. Same idea, new name. So, how does ESG perform as an investment?

The 60/40 Portfolio Will Outlive Us All

Balanced investing is the golden ratio of our industry. It has lived 90 years. It will outlive us all.


Diversification Works for Bonds

A fully diversified portfolio of bonds outperformed during rising interest rates surprisingly often

The Rise of Passive and Indexed Investing, and its Effect on Market and Liquidity Risk

A candid and detailed look at the many potential risks of indexing from an indexed fund manager

Dear Ms. Yellen, I Don’t Care What You Do

The industry is wrong, rising interest rates are not bad for investors

Interview with CNBC about IRAs

Jennifer Woods interviews Andy Martin about IRA features


Strengthen Client Relationships by Determining if They Are Cargo, Passenger or Co-Pilot

Clients and advisors need to evaluate what kind of relationship they have for better success

Live at the FA Magazine Inside Alternatives conference

If the world has a problem we got a solution


How Not to Hire an Investment Adviser

Forget about his golf handicap--trust is the most important criteria.


The Great War, the NYSE and a Legacy of Strength

The NYSE closed longer during World War I than any other time in history, but the shared virtues of the exchange, the media, and politicians are a model for today's less genteel time. 


Bursting the Bond Bubble Babble

There is no bond bubble. Anxieties around rising interest rates are overblown.


Must Bond Investors Fear Rising Interest Rates?

When interest rates go up total return goes up, not down. A surprising revelation about what really happens during risng rates. 


Kill the Two-Asset Model

Too many advisors and investors are still stuck doing 60/40 asset allocation plans. Try five asset classes instead.


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