Winner: American Book Fest, Best Book

Business: Personal Finance/Investing 


Dollarlogic: A Six-Day Plan to Achieving Higher Returns by Conquering Risk, by Andy Martin, foreword by Arthur B Laffer, Ph.D.



Andy’s rich array of analogies and illustrations make the book an entertaining read in what could easily

be an arid subject. 

Fritz Meyer, economist, former Invesco primary economic and markets analyst and mutual fund manager


Andy Martin has a gifted way with words and advice when it comes to the fundamentals of investments and investment strategies.  Dollarlogic is a book that investors of all ages and sophistication levels can benefit from.

Susan Woltman Tietjen, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Girard Securities, Inc.



As Andy Martin admirably explains, successful investing - achieving one's financial goals - requires


lowering one's risk. And, unlike many human endeavors, you can get better at investing, even as you age.

Robert Huebscher, CEO of Advisor Perspectives, former president and CEO of Thomson Financial

Add DollarLogic to your portfolios. Andy Martin is a warhorse financial adviser who challenges consensus thinking and helps you make better investment decisions.

Norb Vonnegut, NYT-acclaimed author of The Trust


Andy Martin takes a difficult subject like asset allocation and risk reduction, and offers practical, sustainable, and compelling advice for investors old and young. Although purportedly aimed at individual investors, institutions and financial advisors can also gain much from the wisdom in this book.

Jack Tierney, Executive Director, Invesco Unit Trusts


What is investment risk and why do we automatically assume that it always leads to reward? This book answers those crucial questions. It also effortlessly assassinates populist conventional wisdom. Open any page of this book and you will be simultaneously educated and enlightened. Both individual investors and financial professionals will greatly benefit from Andy’s wisdom.

Ron DeLegge II, Founder & Chief Portfolio Strategist


Andy Martin’s book is highly enjoyable and readable for the individual investor and investment professional. He provides a unique perspective of profitable investing that we can all learn from.

Victor Ricciardi, co-editor of the book Investor Behavior: The Psychology of Financial Planning and Investing


Andy Martin presents some very useful investing advice, such as the shocker that risk—however measured—does not buy you higher returns.  Like Odysseus tying himself to a mast to avoid the tempting Sirens, we benefit from anticipating our biases doing simple things like outsourcing our investment tactics.  Most people who are good at making money are inefficient investors, and would be better served by the few principles covered in this book.

Eric Falkenstein, PhD, Portfolio Manager and author of The Missing Risk Premium